Second World War bombing on Trapani

A blockhouse from Second World War

On the road along the coast of Trapani, we can see a blockhouse from Second World War between grass and sand. In general, the blockhouse is a place of fortification, closed inside and bomb-proof covered at the top. It is provided with one or more gunboats,  in most cases to host artillery. This bunker in Trapani is very interesting and reminds us of the past.

Trapani gold metal for 1848 uprising

Trapani is one of the 27 cities which deserved a gold medal for patriotic actions undertaken by the city during Risorgimento. King Umberto I assigned the honor to the city in 1898 .
This was a reward for the part citizenship had in the glorious uprising of 1848. Trapani participated in the riots of 1820 in Sicily. It was one of the island’s first city to rebel again in January 1848.

Trapani gold metal for Second World War victims

On December 1961 President Antonio Segni honored Trapani with the gold medal for civil valor. This for the many victims suffered during the bombing by the Allies during the Second World War.
“Object of constant bombardment, fearlessly resisted the fury of the enemy, giving the country the holocaust of six thousand of its best sons”

Bombing on the city

Between 1940 and 1945, Trapani suffered bombings by the French (June 22, 1940). RAF also bombed the city (November 10, 1941 and May 31, 1942). Then followed 27 Anglo-American bombings from January to July 1943. They fully destroyed the whole central district of St.Peter.

The air raids devastated the city. It is at the ninth place of the main Italian cities bombed. On 22 July 1943 the Allied troops of Patton arrived to the main square in Trapani. But the city was already on its knees.

The old theatre remained in pieces

Bombing in 1943 destroyed the old theater. Despite various projects it was never rebuilt in the old town. A monument with two columns remind us of the bombing which destroyed a big part of the old town.

In front of the blockhouse there are the free University and the modern “Tito Marrone” Theatre. It is not working these last years. Actually, what a pity, any city needs a theatre.



Foto: Maria Virzì