SUP: Stand Up Paddle at Stagnone Lagoon

A new sport that can be practiced in the Marsala Stagnone Lagoon is  SUP, which means Stand Up Paddle. Like kitesurf this is also a surf variation. You are standing on a board similar to surf boad but bigger and are using a paddle. The bigger board help support the weight of the athlete. Stand Up Paddle is a simple and accessible to everyone activity, without limits of age and fitness. In fact, it’s perfect to exercise easily but it is also interesting and it can give you great emotions.

Origin of the water sport SUP

According to James Cook’s diary, already in 1778 the English explorer, as the first European to land in Hawaii, was able to observe some natives sitting in a standing position on large boards to ride  waves. In Polynesia SUP is almost a national sport.


Practising SUP you have to learn how to ride waves and how to know currents, of course, but you can even start without waves, kneeling or standing on the table. One of the most enjoyable things to do with SUP especially in the absence of wind is to bark free in flat water admiring the backdrops from a unique perspective. In fact, stable and bulky boards are used to increase safety and allow you to approach the coasts unlike the boats.

Kitesurf schools at Stagnone Lagoon

At the Kitesurf schools at Stagnone lagoon you can rent a Sup with which to explore the lagoon and its islands. By this board you can also surf small waves easily and do wave-riding. The downwind instead is going following the wind helped by the paddle. Rowing is extremely easy and goes fast. A really special and exciting feeling.


Photos:Maria Virzì