Kitesurfing in the Stagnone Lagoon

Kitesurfing, a nice sport

Kitesurfing is a water sport born in 1999 as a variant of surf. Such as surf it is practiced with a table at the feet, with which you “plan” on the water. In addition, you let yourself be dragged by a kite that uses the wind as a driving force. Through a control bar is it possible to manage the kite, which is connected to the control bar by thin wires.

Large kites are used with weak wind conditions. Instead smaller kites are used with strong wind. When wind conditions are perfect, it is possible to practice sport safely by simply planing, making various evolutions, which are called tricks. You can use a kite both on waves and calm water depending on the characteristics of the spot, i.e. jerk the windy place used.

The ideal wind conditions for kitesurf beginners are between 12 and 24 knots (kts).

Why kitesurfing is so loved

Unlike windsurfing, kitesurfing can be practiced with winds considered “weak”, allowing tricks, ie evolutions, speeds and accelerations.

The features that have facilitated such a massive kitesurf spread in the last few years, besides the practicality of the equipment, are just the easeness and speed with which you can learn to plan and then to make jumps and aerial evolution.

Marsala Stagnone lagoon for katesurfing

Among the most famous “spots” there is Marsala Stagnone Lagoon.

In fact conditions are ideal in this place. First it is a great extent of flat and shallow water. The short distance from the African continent ensures warm and pleasant temperatures from March to November. Primarily there are two different wind systems, which create winds and perfect conditions for surfing for about 300 days a year.

There are several kite schools in the Stagnone Lagoon. Shallow and quiet waters allow you to learn this sport in absolute safety.

For example, passed Capo San Teodoro with its towers and its small Lido, you enter Santa Maria village in Birgi Vecchi. Especially in windy days you can see kites flying in the air from distance. There has been a kite school for many years, completed with b&b, various equipment rentals, restaurants and bars. I think it is a spot much loved by international kitesurfers community.

Such a magic place

It is such a lovely small village. And all around there are vast vineyards and salt pans.

Apart from the organization, the beauty of the places is not of little importance. It is amazing to surf between saltpans, mills, or having the green Isles of the Stagnone in the background. But it becomes magical in the breathtaking sunsets. The lagoon in those moments is a dreamy place. And it is not a way of saying because it is so relaxing! You watch the surfers who enjoy their evolutions on the sea, the sea takes on various golden and reddish reflections, and it seems that time is stopped and there is nothing but the magic of beauty.

Photos : Maria Virzì